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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Thu May 16 2013, 07:02

A Model Club where the subject matters

Before we begin, let me point out ONE major concern, the Southern Model Club Forum, is in no way affiliated or associated with either Scale Magic, Shadowurx or Garage 51.

While the Administration and/or it's Moderators, will remove or even edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is however impossible to review every message posted on this forum site. Therefore as a member of this forum site you acknowledge that all posts made on the Southern Model Forum, will express the views of the author and/or authors only and not those of the forum Administration {except the posts created by the Administration and hence will not be held liable}. As we originally started out as a Community Church Family Program and half of our members ARE NOT part of the Church Parish, however the Model Club, is a stand alone group whose Leader, encourages the admission into the club of any like minded modeller and WE will remain as an Outreach Program of the Southern Community Church.

The club has spent a lot of time and effort in promoting itself, in the past 2 years and within the last 18 months, is showing some encouraging productivity, not just with our advertizing in local and city Hobby Shops, but from being known, by other Club's and modellers alike, in June of 2013 the club will participate, with a Club Display at the Melbourne Model Expo. Rob has also been in contact, with individuals who participate as part of a group, who attend as vendors at regional and metropolitan Swap and Sell meets, who help promote the club's Competition / Swap Meet weekend, which is conducted in November.

As a member of our modelling community on this forum site, you agree not to post obscene, vulgar, slanderous, threatening, or even sexually orientated materials, that may violate any applicable laws.


This forum site is open - {meaning anyone can view all posts}, however if any person outside of the Southern Model Club, either National or International wishes to post articles on any topic within this forum, please advise the Administrator of your intention or forward by email to southernmodelclub@yahoo.com where the Administrator will re post your article.


1. Where the subject matters.

2. The Southern Model Club is a Family Orientated community of like minded modellers.

3. As we have both Junior and Intermediate Members, anything posted on this forum site will be viewed by these members. {anything found offensive will be removed}.

4. All subjects posted on this site are viewed and commented on by any Model Club members.

5. Just follow and understand the 4 main rules pointed out above.

NOTE:- All members of this site are awarded points for various approved tasks and visits.

When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today.

Those that never learn from history will always repeat it.

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Forum Rules
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