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 KFOR Challenger II

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KFOR Challenger II Empty
PostSubject: KFOR Challenger II   KFOR Challenger II EmptyWed Jun 12 2013, 14:38

This 35 scale Trumpeter kit was built several years ago and used as a test subject for the NATO range of Acrylics produced by Tamiya, not happy with some of the detail I made up a couple of changes as a means to enhance the basic kit, as seen in the photo's below, this manufacture aim their kits at a price range, with a lot of detail and very small parts and is a modellers model, but compared to the Tamiya kit of the same MBT the difference is visible, but with a little imagination the Trumpeter kit will build into a fine example of the British MBT.
This kit also appeared originally under the LEE brand of kits, {which was the original name of what became known as Trumpeter.

As shown in the photographs the can net which is made from a guaze bandage and is secured using fine copper wire to the gun barrel.

KFOR Challenger II Pbucket

KFOR Challenger II Pbucket
Two side views of the twine used to make the tow cables and the cam net on the main gun barrel.

KFOR Challenger II Pbucket
Close up view of the twine fixed to the side skirts.

KFOR Challenger II Pbucket
Mirror glass made using a piece of Bare Metal Foil.

KFOR Challenger II Pbucket
Forward view of vehicle in the NATO Dark Green / Black camouflage scheme when used in Kosovo.

KFOR Challenger II Pbucket
Rear view of vehicle, showing the antenia and mountings. The antenia are made from music wire.

KFOR Challenger II Pbucket

KFOR Challenger II Pbucket
Side views of model subject.

Note:- This MBT is also packaged as the Challenger II desertized for both Desert Storm and IRAQI Freedom Campaigns.
Also manufactured by Tamiya in the same Desert modifications.

When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today.

Those that never learn from history will always repeat it.

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KFOR Challenger II
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