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 M 26 Recovery Vehicle

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PostSubject: M 26 Recovery Vehicle   Thu Jun 13 2013, 20:53

This Tamiya M 26 first appeared as the Dragon Wagon which was the U.S. Army's Heavy Tank Transporter, Tamiya later released the prime mover as a separate kit in their Military Miniature range, the vehicle has a large number of optional settings for various pieces of equipment.
The model is painted in Humbrol Olive Drab overall, but the interior is Humbrol Forest Green, while the cabin floor plate is, Interior Green.

Subject sitting on it's chassis, test fitting of cabin section, with the crane boom extended.

Completed chassis of subject.

Close up of driver's compartment.

Close up of the 2 main winches and their control levers.

Crane boom detail and winch cable.

Full chassis detail.

Cabin installed and ready for the armoured window plates.

NOTE:- This model was stolen {along with way too many others}, before I could complete it.

When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today.

Those that never learn from history will always repeat it.

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M 26 Recovery Vehicle
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