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 The transitions of my WORK ROOM

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PostSubject: The transitions of my WORK ROOM   Sat Jun 15 2013, 06:41

Over the years I have had many different layouts for a model work room, the different photo's and different places I have set up a suitable place for my model building.

In the early days of my working for V.H.C. I lived in Northcote, in a small unit where, the spare room was used as my dedicated work space, which I'll refer to as Mk's.

The Mk I:-

The corner where the computer was set up and yes is way before Flat Screens and i7 quad core systems, as well as the phone.

The end wall window faced East and I used the pelmet for odd models that, I had built, or those that where given to me.

Close up of the creations on the desk. The Airfix Hawk was a build for a Magazine Review, The Mustang was for the shop and the Beaufighter was for my collection.
Shortly after these projects I had started the Contract Builds for the Air Force, what joy that was.

The work desk.

The then paint booth with the compressor set up and paint storage racks.

The not so wardrobe {doors Closed}.

And The Stash, once the doors opened. Some of the kits {lower Right [PBY 5 Catalina, C 130 Hercules, B 24 Liberator, B 25 Mitchell and the SMER Tiger Moth are kits required for the Air Force]} and yet to be built. 

A couple of years later I was told to move back to assist in looking after my dad, {who had heart surgery and needed help around the family home. So between Mum and I we discovered how big a VW Golf was, as I had to move all this across too Templestowe. I was still working at the hobby shop and rode a bike to Heidelberg Station every day {unless it rained}, to get the train to the city and still doing the Air force builds. I was allowed a much larger workshop and had a more open area for painting {a 2 car garage}.

Myself and Eric {V.H.C's. Owner} with Peter Russell in the background, {then Owner of Aussie Decals}, at the VHC stand at Model Expo.

The Mk II:-

The work room, my Mum termed 'The Office of Creation' {as during this time my mum did not have to go far, if she needed me to paint or repair the Christmas Decorations, or anything else that needed my [expert attention]}.

A shelving unit built for me to keep thing neat and close at hand.

Top shelves of unit.
Lower shelves and a Heller 400 scale Bismarck I was consigned to build.

An extra storage cabinet. The Porsche GT 3 is a consignment build, {Look in the Road Cars, for the photo essay}.

The paint rack and extra shelf space.

Some of the new purpose built shelving to hold The Stash.

Awaiting the second purpose built shelving unit to arrive to store this part of The Stash.

The purpose built shelving units.

The old paint booth unit as a makeshift unit to keep The Stash.

The Model Display Cabinet and most of the completed models of my collection.

My dad needed second heart surgery and on returning home from hospital decided to sell the Family home and I moved to another area of Northcote.

The Mk III:-

The third set up after unpacking everything from moving house, set up again in a spare room of the unit.

The work desk against one wall and the display cabinet and shelving on the opposite wall.

The purpose built Spray Booth and paint stand.
This is where all this equipment, the stash and everything else was stolen.

Moved to Brighton.

The Mk IV:-

Having to start all over again, with almost everything model related, the original work desk at Brighton was this, the computer was a Dell Laptop.

One of the many models I have done for Matt. I was informed that Brighton was to be redeveloped and I was to be sent to Carnegie.

The Mk V:-

Moving over to Carnegie was easy and soon after being there, I found an old dismantled computer desk, that I re assembled {and presently still use it}.

The rebuilt computer desk and the new desk for the Laptop computer.

The Mk VI:-

Moved back to Brighton and setting up another work{space}.

The desk. And yes it's the start of what is Matt's DKM Type VIIc Submarine.

One of the shelving units, mostly taken up with Matt's models.

The inclusion of a second desk, mainly used by Glen when he is over.

Removing the 2 desk installation, for a more favored alteration and with the inclusion of a bigger desk top.

Two people working either side of the desk.

The Mk VII:-

This is an old Scout Hall in the rear yard of the block of units where I live, that my workshop will move into shortly.

With the outer boards now removed.

The main room from either end and missing the work desk.

The smaller room will be used for the paint booth, storage and and the stash.

The empty work desk shortly after moving it inside.
I had to dismantle the desk, move it and then re assemble it again

The paint booth, set up as a temporary option.  

The work desk as set up for 2 people too work at. And the temporary shelving level with the desk top.

More shelving added, as well as a couple of smaller units.

The paintbooth, paint racks and the kit stash.

When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today.

Those that never learn from history will always repeat it.

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The transitions of my WORK ROOM
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