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 Contracted Build to the RAAF

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Contracted Build to the RAAF Empty
PostSubject: Contracted Build to the RAAF   Contracted Build to the RAAF EmptyMon Jun 17 2013, 16:53

Back in early 2004, I was approached by a member of the Staff at OTS RAAF Base Williams, to build aircraft subjects of interest, significant to their history for training aides of the School, the list was broken up into sections that covered the history of the Royal Air Corps and the Royal Australian Air Force, to be involved in this project I had top make a few changes of my them resin component business firstly both a change and registration to my business name, registrastion and application for an ABN the submit tenders and quotes for all model subjects on their list, once it was reduced 100 models down to 38 model subjects. Having broken the subjects of choice into groups, I invited my other 2 partners too select which era group they wanted to built. Some of the models selected were Out of Production, {such as the PBY5 Catalina, the C47 Dakota and the A20b/c Boston}, which we managed to locate as Second Hand kits, some were later or special variants {such as the Lancaster}, some had to be modified or refitted, {such as the CA 5 Wirraway}, one was only available as a full Resin Kit, {the CA 13 Boomerang}.

For the OTS part of this contract they supplied all relivant information of each aircraft subject and how they wanted the model replicated, they also put me in contact with the RAAF Photographic section and I was given photos of all the aircraft subjects, to which the models were based apon. A few models were always displayed in the main window of the shop and several had been offered on LOAN, until their models had been completed. 

Contracted Build to the RAAF Pbucket
Contracted Build to the RAAF 29Foxtrot3Contracted Build to the RAAF P51dMustangRAAFKorea
Glen did this Mustang from a Tamiya kit as he wanted to test what the Alclad II products where like to use on models. I supplied all the information and decals on this build. The subject is that flown by W.Cmr Lou Spence when CO of 77 Sqn when based in Japan during the Korean War.

Contracted Build to the RAAF Pbucket
Contracted Build to the RAAF Pbucket
Two of my builds that were displayed in the shop at the time and originally on loan to OTS when this project first started.
Two other of my models that also went on loan at the time was Micky Martin's Dambuster Lancaster and the Green Cat.

Contracted Build to the RAAF Pbucket
This CA 5 Wirraway built by Wayne is modified from the Monogram T6 Texan and was also on display in the shop at the time.
This also became the OTS subject of choice for the Wirraway subject.

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Contracted Build to the RAAF
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