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 Single Action types

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PostSubject: Single Action types   Fri Jun 21 2013, 04:33

In the days when I worked for the Victorian Hobby Centre, I was given a task to teach Basic Airbrushing {one Saturday each month}, for a couple of hours, from there I saw a need to write a product sheet as a means of explaining what I was teaching, over the years and to the present day I still update the original notes I used.

Single Action Units:

These units range in design, features, quality and performance, which determines the price and are suction feed styles. At the lower end of the scale we have the least expensive units and move up the scale to the more expensive types. All Single Action units have a fixed cone of spray and are adequate for applying a single colour, to either an Aircraft, Automobile or an AFV and would also serve as a good basic trainer type of airbrush, from there the range expands to those Single Action airbrushes fitted with a longitudinal needle, that will control the paint flow, such brands as the Badger 350, Passche H or the intermediate Delta units, that can apply a tri-coloured camouflage to any AFV, Aircraft, or a toned custom paint job to a model Car body shell, without any problem.

Single Action = Air + Paint when depressing the trigger.

The first airbrush I ever used was this DELTA type.

The first Aircraft model I ever airbrushed the camouflage on, as I used the DELTA shown above and this model was displayed for several years as an aide in marketing the DELTA Single Action units on sale in the shop. The model has been on loan to the RAAF at Point Cook for the past 10 years.

This Passche H unit was the unit I upgraded to a short time later to apply any camouflage patern to any of my model subjects, untill I upgraded to the Dual Action type.

When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today.

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Single Action types
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