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 Defender Mk II

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Defender Mk II Empty
PostSubject: Defender Mk II   Defender Mk II EmptyThu Jul 04 2013, 00:45

The progression of an Aussie Defender:

This 35 scale subject is a kit bash based on the Hobby Boss British Mk I Wolf and the U.S Army RSOV, having built the U.S. Army RSOV chassis and rear body section, the Mk I Wolf kit parts for the driver, front guards and hood, was then married up to complete the body construction for this particular Defender body type, all external fixtures, storage boxes and weapons are all taken from the Wolf Kit and added to my model subject. These two kits come complete with rubber like tyres and photo etched sheets, cast in a sand colour plastic and clear parts for all light lenses, the only difference between the two kits, is the U.S. version apart from being left handed, also has a different front grill section and crash bar fitted with a winch, different weapons, crash cage and the 4 door based body shape, either kit has very few decals, which include registration plates, instrument panel, warning labels, instruction details {for some fittings} and hazard warnings.

Painting of this subject is all enamels, Humbrol's #117 Forest Green and #118 Light Earth, with Model Master Flat Black and applied free hand.

Defender Mk II Pbucket

Defender Mk II Pbucket

Defender Mk II Pbucket

Defender Mk II Pbucket

When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today.

Those that never learn from history will always repeat it.

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Defender Mk II
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