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 Simca 5 Staff Car

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PostSubject: Simca 5 Staff Car   Thu Jul 04 2013, 14:46

The progress of this 35 scale Tamiya kit of the French SIGMA 2 seat vehicle {designed by FIAT}, the kit allows to build two Staff Car's used by the German Army, there are 3 options within the kit, two of which are finished in the German Panzer Grey overall, with a French Civilian vehicle in overall Black. The kit comes with a few different build options, such as open doors, or open windows, but the canvas roof section is supplied as a rolled up option only. I may build this vehicle with both doors open along with an open window on the drivers side.

The Panzer Grey enamel is from the Xtra Color range.

Option A: 3rd Infantry Division - Eastern Front. Which is what my subject is based on.
Option B: Luftwaffe Vehicle - Unknown Location or Unit.
Option C: W.W.II Civilian Vehicle.

This is one of the kits I bought from Glen.

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Simca 5 Staff Car
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