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 Franch B1 Bis Tank

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PostSubject: Franch B1 Bis Tank   Franch B1 Bis Tank EmptyWed Jul 10 2013, 15:50

Progress on the 35 scale Tamiya B1 Bis, this subject has individual track links and 2 lengths of tow chain, too make up each track there are 81 links and only one of the chains is shown, on the instruction sheet, clean up of the seams where needed and add a few small parts, before applying the complex tri coloured camouflage scheme.
I added a piece of lead foil {from a wine bottle} to the mantel of the 75mm gun and assembled the model closed up the hull under the exhaust, needs to be camouflaged, before fitting to the model, though I am unsure as to whether the exhaust guards are camouflaged or not and have not been fitted at this time.
This subject has options to build two marques and four camouflage schemes:

Option A/ 2nd Armoured Division France 1940 in an Earth and Dark Green camouflage.
Option B/ 4th Armoured Division France 1940 in the tri camouflage of Earth, Chestnut and Dark Green.
Option C/ 1st Armoured Division France 1940 in Chestnut and Dark Green camouflage.
Option D/ 2nd Armoured Division France 1940 in the tri coloured camouflage. {Tank #205 and this is my choice of build option}

Franch B1 Bis Tank Pbucket

Franch B1 Bis Tank Pbucket

Having applied the Tri Coloured camouflage free hand, the light colour is Model Master "Wood", the Green is Model Master French Khaki and the Brown is Model Master French Earth.
There are still a few things that still need to be added.

Franch B1 Bis Tank Pbucket

Franch B1 Bis Tank Pbucket

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Franch B1 Bis Tank
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