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 Xtra Color paints:

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PostSubject: Xtra Color paints:   Thu Jul 11 2013, 01:10

This particular brand is not a common site in local Hobby Shops, this is another British manufactured range that are all BS and FS colours and they also cover the RAL colour range, but the DKM range, are listed as White Ensign Paints, which is the Naval range of paints for every Country, these are a gloss finish paint and require a specialist Thinner, I have used these paints in the past for airbrushing with a mixture ratio of 1 part paint + 1 part Lacquer Thinner, which dried in a few hours, the manufacturer recommends to use White Spirits, but I have not had much success as a Thinner with this range of paints or the thinner product recommended.
These are a specialist range of paints and within this Country are very hard to locate, any flat top coat can be used on this paint formula, whether it be their own brand or the Testors Dull coat.

NOTE:- Each label carries both the catalogue number and either the BS or FS formula numbers.

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Xtra Color paints:
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