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 Lifecolor paints:

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Lifecolor paints: Empty
PostSubject: Lifecolor paints:   Lifecolor paints: EmptyThu Jul 11 2013, 02:23

I previously mentioned this particular manufacture, in a test review, but have this particular boxed set, as a finish to a model ship that has yet to be completed.

These paints are all produced to the FS Formula and even though they claim to be Acrylic based, they require either their own Thinner and take a little time to master, as they are translucent, they are in almost all cases a semi gloss coat and do require a flat coat finish. Most hobby shops stock these paints, but depending on the location of the shop depends on the range in their stocks.

Lifecolor paints: Pbucket

Lifecolor paints: Pbucket

NOTE:- The standard bottle or the Boxed set.

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Lifecolor paints:
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