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 RAF A20g Boston IV

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PostSubject: RAF A20g Boston IV   Sun May 19 2013, 05:44

This Italeri offering is actually the older AMT tooling, in a white plastic, under AMT it was at it's time a State of the Art kit {the first of the Douglas Boston series to be released in kit form}, but was very basic and with several mistakes, the most important and notable one, is the mounting points of the under carriage frames, these need to be repositioned 1/4 inch forward of the original locating pins, however under Italeri, it still remains in the white plastic but several decal options have been added, either as USAAC, RAF, RAAF and Russian, I originally built the subject in it's RAAF markings of 22 Sqn, but the colour schemes that Italeri recommended did not match anything, from real life, {as can be seen in the first photo}. This subject was damaged in moving and not having a set of RAAF 22 Sqn markings I repaired the model as an RAF subject, with fictional artwork and Squadron Codes. This subject has been finished using different mediums, both enamel and acrylic paints, panel lines highlights are Tamiya Acrylic Smoke applied free hand, exhaust, oil and muzzle flash stains are a mixture of Metalizer Laquers, pastels and Yamiya Weathering Master sets. The wingtips navigation lights are taken from the spares box, which originally came with the P40 Kittyhawk series of kits.

NOTE:- Repaired subject with the RAAF decals removed.

NOTE:- Neutral Grey applied to lower surfaces.
Masking tape applied to subject for application of the AEAF Bands.

NOTE:- Insignia White applied to subject and masked over when dry.

NOTE:- After application of the Semi Gloss Black all masking is removed.

NOTE:- Photo shows subject in it's Olive Drab over Neutral Grey, after all masking is removed.

NOTE:- .50 cal nose guns made from brass tube and styrene rod fitted into the nose cone.

NOTE:- Cockpit detail with the addition of the canopy hatch brace.

NOTE:- Cockpit and canopy roof detail showing the additional canopy hatch brace points.

NOTE:- Crew raft made from folded tissue and soaked in PVA Glue prior to painting.

NOTE:- The finished subject in it's Royal Air Force livery.

When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today.

Those that never learn from history will always repeat it.

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RAF A20g Boston IV
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