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 M113A1 FSV - A Rebuild

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M113A1 FSV - A Rebuild Empty
PostSubject: M113A1 FSV - A Rebuild   M113A1 FSV - A Rebuild EmptyThu Aug 01 2013, 16:59

This Aussie FSV of the Vietnam Era is the Shadoworks Resin conversion set of the Aussie Saladin Turret, fitted to the standard M113 chassis, the model has been repainted in the Xtra Color Olive Drab {which are a Gloss Finish paint} the Tactical Callsign had been painted in red and masked over using some of the Makater Masks.

Part 1:

M113A1 FSV - A Rebuild Pbucket

M113A1 FSV - A Rebuild Pbucket

M113A1 FSV - A Rebuild Pbucket

Call signs masks removed.

M113A1 FSV - A Rebuild Pbucket

Some detail painting done.

Weathering and other stain details to follow:-

When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today.

Those that never learn from history will always repeat it.

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M113A1 FSV - A Rebuild
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