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 Lockheed's F-16c {Block 25}

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PostSubject: Lockheed's F-16c {Block 25}   Sun May 19 2013, 12:04

This Tamiya F-16c is the 3rd production kit, of the famed F-16c in Air National Guard livery, however like all other Tamiya F-16 kits there is 3 options of aircraft types, I chose to use the striking Indiana ANG set from the Afterburner range of decals, which depicts a demonstration aircraft subject, I'll let the photo's tell the story on this build.
The Afterburner Decal sheet is AD48-058 Air National Guard Viper Wing Kings II, which covers markings for 12 aircraft in the Blocks, 10, 15, 25, 30 and 42, the ANG units covered on this sheet are 2 x New York, 2 x Indiana, 2 x Iowa, North Dakota, Colorado, New Jersey, Ohio, Arizona and Minnesota, apart from my subject the following have some striking artwork on their tails, Iowa, Colorado, Ohio and Minnesota, of note is also some of these ANG units operated in Iraq.

My subject has the AEAF Bands painted on, as well as the other areas such as, the nose and tail surfaces, I also used a Shadoworks resin seat in this build.

Masking tape used top and bottom to depict the AEAF Bands.

Insignia White applied between masking tape.

Flat Black applied to subject after masking the white areas.

How the AEAF Bands look after all masking tape was removed and prior to finally being masked over.

Orange applied to all tail surfaces and test fitted to model subject.
before the AEAF where masked over and ready for the Grey camoflage to be applied.

With the application of the Grey camouflage scheme and all masking tape,
finally removed and a final test fit of the tail surfaces.

Templates made from plastic card and tissue is glued. prior to painting.
After painting and the two decals for to the intake and exhaust covers.
Covers test fitted to model subject and the addition of the 26 stars.

The resin seat after painting and the HUDU is added to the cockpit .

The model subject after all stencils and decals have been applied.

The finished model subject with all external stores added.

Note:- This model Subject was originally built as my participation of an F-16 Group Build {on an International model Forum}.
Entered in the 2012 Model Expo {Modified Jets class} and is featured on the Club's Newsletter Head.

When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today.

Those that never learn from history will always repeat it.

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Lockheed's F-16c {Block 25}
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