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PostSubject: VALLEJO Paints   Fri Oct 04 2013, 04:37

A boxed set of 6 pre-mixed, 8ml bottles as the US Army Olive Drab set. These paints can be applied straight from the bottle onto the model subject, there is no odor from spraying, but you will need the VALLEJO Air Brush cleaner to clean up your equipment after use, they spray evenly at the standard settings of between 15 - 18 psi and dry relatively quickly with a smooth sheen.

1. #608 Primer
2. #013 Yellow Olive
3. #016 US Dark Green
4. #043 Olive Drab
5. #044 US Grey Green
6. #522 Satin Varnish

Front and Back of the box, the 6 paint bottles are in a tray like container.

The model subject these paints had been tested on.

Being a hardened enamels user all my modelling life, though I have used acrylic paints in the past, from different manufacturers, I still remain an enamel painter.

When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today.

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