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 PBY-5a Black Cat - Finished

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PBY-5a Black Cat - Finished Empty
PostSubject: PBY-5a Black Cat - Finished   PBY-5a Black Cat - Finished EmptyMon Oct 14 2013, 16:30

This 48 scale offering is the Revell boxing of the Ov-10a, originally tooled and released by Monogram as the PBY 5a Catalina, back in the late '80's. Under the current boxing the artwork is in the livery of a U.S. Navy Air Sea Rescue subject and did not appeal with some modelling people, however my subject has used all it's 9 lives during the construction stages simply due to the fact certain parts had been broken or damaged, both fuselage and wing sections had twisted or warped sections and this made for some real testing times in holding the model subject in a straight configuration. All serial numbers, aircraft and Squadron codes, roundels are all applied using Makitar Paint masks, the aircraft is 3 shades of BLACK overall, under surface of the fuselage hull centreline and main wing {metal section} are all Gloss Black, upper and side sections of the fuselage tail plane and main wing {metal section} are Semi Gloss Black, while all canvas coverings are Matt Black.

PBY-5a Black Cat - Finished Pbucket

PBY-5a Black Cat - Finished Pbucket

PBY-5a Black Cat - Finished Pbucket
Waiting for it's Dulcoat and Weathering.

PBY-5a Black Cat - Finished Pbucket
PBY-5a Black Cat - Finished Pbucket
As it is now a finished model, it can spend the rest of it's model life locked up in the cabinet, this model is now displayed at the National Aviation Museum at Morrabin.


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PBY-5a Black Cat - Finished
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