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PostSubject: Sayonara Nichimo   Sayonara Nichimo EmptyThu Oct 24 2013, 15:10

The model kit manufacturer known as Nichimo is closing it's doors at the end of this year, though they have never made any new kits for a couple of decades, the kits they did make where never up to the modern standard and a large number had been produced as powered toys, their subject range was mostly of Japanese subjects either Naval or Aircraft, but a few subjects in Armour and Aircraft from either German or American topics, their scales where in odd places as either 200, 500, or even 600 scale for some ships and submarines.
One particular submarine is the IJN I-19 in 200 scale measuring 56.5cm in length, which was a powered toy, now missing all the power components, but does come with a range of metal parts, for a little  realistic appearance. Some of their 48 scale aircraft where IJA or IJN subjects of which the B5N2 Kate was the most known, but there was also the Ki-51 Sonia and the E15 Jake, the Jake was a submarine launched observation plane, which had a folded wing option in the kit and has been produced in 72 scale by Hasegawa.

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