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 A6M2N - Rufe

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PostSubject: A6M2N - Rufe   Mon May 20 2013, 01:31

The A6N2-N Rufe was a float plane that Nakajima modified from the A6M2 Zero fighter. Hasegawa manufacture the A6M2N in both 72 and 48 scales and Tamiya manufacturer their kit as a 48 scale subject, though it, is showing it's age, but that is where the simularity ends as the Tamiya kit is basic as compared to the Hasegawa kit. This particular A6M2N is a very old 72 scale Johan kit, that Matt found somewhere for small change, only one thing is wrong with this finished model. It is painted in the IJA Mauve, the Rufe was operated by the IJN and should be either overall Grey, or Dark Green over Grey. Matt being Matt wanted to follow the in accurate scheme on the box. Back in the early '70's Humbrol made a range of enamel paints under the Authentic Range, these were a 6 tin boxed set, for various Air Force's but they discontinued this range from the late '80's, the Mauve was part of the Japanese set. The Grey is Tamiya XF 14 IJN Grey and was applied to the subject first and masked off, before applying the Mauve. The opaque interior is from the Xtra Color range and the Blue/Black cowling colour is from the old AeroMaster 'Warbird Range' the model was painted some 10 years ago the decals are from that supplied in the kit.

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A6M2N - Rufe
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