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 Hobby HQ {End of Year} Sale

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PostSubject: Hobby HQ {End of Year} Sale   Wed Jan 01 2014, 01:27

Willie at Hobby HQ had a 2 day give away SALE, but only if you bought a non sale kit, well these are kits I got, only the Do 335b-2 and the Sauber-Mercedes C9 are full price kits, the C9 has a PE sheet in the box. The XJR-9LM was $25.00 for a shop soiled box, the Ferrari 189 was also $25.00 but has not decals, I also got a book on the F/A-18 Hornet.
The Concord, C-9 Mercedes and the Jaguar XJR-9, are for the club Model Expo display, maybe the 189 Ferrari {if I can get some decals for it}, as #28 the Berger car.

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Hobby HQ {End of Year} Sale
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