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 Valleja and Humbrol

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Valleja and Humbrol  Empty
PostSubject: Valleja and Humbrol    Valleja and Humbrol  EmptyWed Jan 01 2014, 02:00

I used the Valleja water based [Desert Sand] textured paint, that I applied using a spacheler onto a small piece of balsa wood, this material dries in 30 - 45 minutes:- being a textured paint it develops a hard crush similar to a biscuit in appearance. Test Piece on left of photo.

The other TEST is using the Humbrol Weathering Washes and here I have used each bottle twice, 1/2/3 and 4 = straight from the bottle and 1a/2a/3a/and 4a = mixed with thinner, as these are an enamel based wash they are best applied to an Acrylic finish. #5 and 6 are the Humbrol Powder, straight from the bottle, while #5a and 6a are mixed with thinner. I also used a MIG Pigment in both powder and mixed with Alcahol, I also have the Velleja Pigments but as yet have not tested them.  

Valleja and Humbrol  Pbucket

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Valleja and Humbrol
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