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 British Army - SCIMITAR {part -1}

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British Army - SCIMITAR {part -1} Empty
PostSubject: British Army - SCIMITAR {part -1}   British Army - SCIMITAR {part -1} EmptyMon Jan 13 2014, 04:00

This is an older AFV-Club kit in 35 scale, which includes a metal main gun barrel and a small P.E. set, but only one piece of the P.E. is to be used on this machine, as parts are included {minus the main gun too build the British Scorpion. This model subject is also for our Expo club display.

British Army - SCIMITAR {part -1} Pbucket
The decals are out of register and tended to silver.

British Army - SCIMITAR {part -1} Pbucket
Point shown here of the decal issue, from the kit.

British Army - SCIMITAR {part -1} Pbucket
The 2 side mirrors, exhaust and the rear tarp cover, are not fitted as yet.

British Army - SCIMITAR {part -1} Pbucket
Side view of vehicle. Periscopes, Smoke Tubes, Pioneer Tools, Head Lights and other small pieces,
are yet to be painted.

Note:- Weathering on this machine is yet to be started and will replicate a White Wash, for snow.
Model is painted overall in Gunze Mr Hobby Color #80, as this is the closest match I could find to replicate the British Bronze Green.

When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today.

Those that never learn from history will always repeat it.

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British Army - SCIMITAR {part -1}
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