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 Trumpeter 16th scale T-34 {part - 1}

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Trumpeter 16th scale T-34 {part - 1} Empty
PostSubject: Trumpeter 16th scale T-34 {part - 1}   Trumpeter 16th scale T-34 {part - 1} EmptyTue Feb 18 2014, 11:19

This kit is one that contains all interior detail, but as I picked this up as a second hand kit, I had to replace the kit main gun barrel parts, which I made from brass tube, I have since filled in tube joints to make the tapered contour and added the counter weight the the muzzle end and fitted the machine gun too the front.
This subject has a full working suspension, individual track links and P.E. most of which is internal, the Green is Humbrol #117 which is the closest match to Russian Tank Green.

Trumpeter 16th scale T-34 {part - 1} Pbucket

Trumpeter 16th scale T-34 {part - 1} Pbucket

Trumpeter 16th scale T-34 {part - 1} Pbucket

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Trumpeter 16th scale T-34 {part - 1}
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