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 Churchill Crockodile

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PostSubject: Churchill Crockodile   Mon May 20 2013, 02:53

This 35 scale subject is the old Tamiya kit, which was given to me as payment for a build I did for matt {yep you guessed it - 72 scale Type VIIc submarine}, this subject has altered stores and an AFV Club brass barrel is also fitted as a replacement of the kit type, the model was originally painted in the Humbrol Bronze Green enamel overall, once the decals were set the Acrylic white wash was applied, using a damp sponge and once dried was then given 2 coats of Dullcoat. The weathering is a mix of both real mud taken from the garden and the dirt staining is from the Tamiya Weathering Master sets, as with the exhaust stains, as I mentioned before the kit supplied stores attached have been covered in tissue and other have been made from folded tissue soaked in PVA Glue, the radio antena are made from fine music wire. The model was then given 3 coats of Dullcoat to finish it.

NOTE:- This model subject won Best of Show at the club's 2012 Model Competition.

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Churchill Crockodile
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