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 Sd.kfz.182 or better known as a King Tiger

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PostSubject: Sd.kfz.182 or better known as a King Tiger   Thu Aug 18 2016, 13:33

This massive 16th scale [BEAST] is from the Trumpeter range, as the Porsche Turret limited edition and what you get is:-
A 52 page instruction sheet
1256 Plastic Parts
26 Pieces of Metal - such as track pins and 2x types of main gun barrels
12 Alloy parts - Drive sprockets and Idler Wheels
4x Sheets of Photo Etch
12 Track Links
2 Complete Track sets
2 Decal Sheets

What you will need is:-
A BIG DESK, Countless jars of paint, lots of glue, a big tin of Coffee, lots of TIME [like 700 hours+], be prepared for some very late nights / or in some cases daylight to peek through the window, countless choice words endless remarks of the Manufacturer for their MISSING instructions and countless attempts at fitting small parts. A bigger box to carry it around, as it weighs 5 kilo's when finished.

This is a consignment build and intended for a competition in October and when asked to start on it, a short time later {like the next day}, I was informed that it should be displayed at Expo as a WIP on our Club Display, ok now I have 5 weeks notice and in need of a lot of supplies and my reply at the time is not quite right for this forum, but countless nights and in most cases the sun rose most of the time, when still working on various stages and I did persist to get it too some resemblance of what it was supposed to be.
The following pix show several stages of this massive project:

The first coats of paint on this are from the Gunze Mr Color range of Acrylics for German World War II AFV's and vehicles. #403 Dark Yellow is the base, #405 Olive Green and #406 Chocolate Brown make up the camouflage scheme. The tracks have been test fitted at this stage.

The interior of the hull, with the ammunition racks added to each side, the shells are test fitted and have not been painted as yet.

The Dark Yellow camouflage on this vehicle, has been masked off ready for the Olive Green application.

Olive Green has been applied and ready to be masked off for the Chocolate Brown.

Chocolate Brown has been added and all masking has been removed. Now to add the main gun barrel and turret, ready for display at Model Expo.

After Model Expo, the Zimmerit coating was added to the sides of the hull and turret only.

After the Zimmerit dried the camouflage scheme was changed to Gunze Mr Color Acrylic #79 Sand Yellow as the base colour. All 3 tones of the camouflage this time had been applied free hand over the subject.

These pix had been taken outside when the subject had it's few decals added to the turret side only.

Adding some of the tools to either side.

It's now ready for the first Dullcote application.

NOTES: The owner of this subject paid $275 for this at a Swap Meet, between the pair of us we have spent a further $400 in materials too this point of the project.

Zimmerit: Developed by Zimmer AG as a means to help prevent magnetic mines from sticking to the tank's hull. It was a material made from the following:- Polyvinyl Acetate, Sawdust, Barium Sulphate,, Ochre pigment and Zinc Sulphide. What I used to replicate this rubbery material was apply the Vallejo Desert Sand, diorama base compound, which is a resin based Acrylic material and gave the rubberish apearence when painted.

When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today.

Those that never learn from history will always repeat it.

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Sd.kfz.182 or better known as a King Tiger
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