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 A TOTAL Disaster

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PostSubject: A TOTAL Disaster   Mon May 20 2013, 05:17

This scattered mess is NOT MINE:
There are some members who have seen the outside, of Bass Street Box Hill and no one {would ever believe this model work room}, unless they saw it first hand would ever believe it. So I'll leave the following photo's to tell the story on this disaster some one calls a Model Room.

NOTE: Various views of the model work desk.
The Mauve A6M2N Rufe sitting on the lid. This model subject is featured in the Aircraft {Prop} Forum.

Views of the model dest and some of the TOO MANY unfinished model subjects.
Both the Tamileri 72 scale Ju 87 models are both currently at my place waiting to be completed.

Some of the kit storage shelves, cramed with un built kits.
The 48 scale 'Rex' is mine as some of you will remember it as a targeted by Seagulls.

More storage shelves.
The Tamiya 48 scale P47M Thunderbolt is also mine and replicated 'Pengie V'.

One end wall of the room and the pile of un built kits.
Notice the partial assembled 144 scale DKM Type VIIc submarine

The wall paper that was popular last Century.

The opposite end wall and again the old style wall paper.

More stacked un built kits and a few of not completed model subjects, the S 55 I helped build over 10 years ago and has sat in the same place for the last 5 years.

More makeshift shelves and a few HUNG birds.

More of the same and again the not so HUNG subjects.

More HUNG birds, {But now they are on the floor}.

More NOT SO HUNG birds.

NOTE:- If the club needed a Display for Model Expo, we could always use this mess, as a theme "The Possum did It".
All we need is a shovel and a trailer to transport it, before we pick up the Possum.

When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today.

Those that never learn from history will always repeat it.

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A TOTAL Disaster
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