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 Centurion 5/1

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PostSubject: Centurion 5/1   Centurion 5/1 EmptyMon May 20 2013, 15:19

This Centurion subject is the 35 scale Tamiya Centurion III, fitted with a Scale Magic Centurion Mk V Turret conversion and the Scale Magic Dozer Blade. The Centurion III kit from Tamiya comes and goes from production these days and some kits can be found at Swap Meets. My subject was a re-issue from 2003 of the original kit and at the same time Scale Magic was planning a release in resin of a the Australian Centurion 5 conversion. This photo essay is of the build and the convesion assebly, between plastic and resin. The main gun barrel has Evergreen strips fitted as the balance weights of the gun barrel, Evergreen rod make up the machine gun barrels and Evergreen angle make up the cradle mounts for the ammunition box. ,

Centurion 5/1 Pbucket
Centurion 5/1 Pbucket
My references, one of a Vietnam War period photo and the other a set of 35 scale drawings.

Centurion 5/1 Pbucket
Centurion 5/1 Pbucket
Centurion 5/1 Pbucket
Centurion 5/1 Pbucket
Centurion 5/1 Pbucket
The model is painted in Bronze Green from the Humbrol range of enamels. When in operational
service they, were originally painted in French Artillery Green.

Centurion 5/1 Pbucket
Centurion 5/1 Pbucket
Here is a comparison between my Tamiya Centurion III / Scale Magic Centurion 5 conversion
and the AFV Club release of the Australian Centurion 5 kit, which has a metal main gun barrel.

NOTE:- This conversion set was a limited production run of 20 units, pre orders of this conversion set
exceeded the number of sets Scale Magic planned for release.

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Centurion 5/1
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