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 M113A1 FSV

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PostSubject: M113A1 FSV   M113A1 FSV EmptyMon May 20 2013, 16:22

Another of the Scale Magic resin conversion sets, which was designed to fit the Academy M113 kits, this conversion set made the Tamiya release of the same subject obsolete, as the Scale Magic set was more accurate for the Australian made 75mm conversion of the M113A1, fitted with the Saladin Turret.

M113A1 FSV Pbucket
The conversion set and the base model {after painting and minis both the 75mm gun barrel
and the Detroit 6 71 engine}.

M113A1 FSV Pbucket
M113A1 FSV Pbucket
M113A1 FSV Pbucket
M113A1 FSV Pbucket
The model and still missing the addition of the main 75mm gun.

M113A1 FSV Pbucket
M113A1 FSV Pbucket
M113A1 FSV Pbucket
The finished subject before weathering and installation of the radio antena.
Which I made from lengths of fine music wire, {complete with it's Tactical Callsign}.

This conversion set was another limited run, that was sold out before it's release.

NOTE:- The resin conversion part of Scale Magic was known as Shadoworks.
This model subject is now being repainted and the Callsign will be in colour of the era.

When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today.

Those that never learn from history will always repeat it.

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M113A1 FSV
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