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 Tamiya Mk I Swordfish

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Tamiya Mk I Swordfish Empty
PostSubject: Tamiya Mk I Swordfish   Tamiya Mk I Swordfish EmptyWed May 22 2013, 16:37

This Tamiya Mk I Swordfish was a consignment build, whose owner specified that it was to have the photo etched braces replaced and that it was to be a Bismarck Raider, so several things where done for this build, apart from drilling all the holes out for the thread placement, but the interior was made to be more realistic, with the canvas dope colour and the interior metal frame and skin painted in there respective colours. The canvas colour is from Humbrol and the interior Grey/Green is Humbrol #78, the remainder of the interior has the Eduard photo etched cockpit set added as a realistic appearence to the kit parts, the photo's show how the interior was painted before joining the fuselage halves and the wing bracing.

Tamiya Mk I Swordfish Pbucket
Canvas area painted and masked off ready for the Grey/Green primmer.
Tamiya Mk I Swordfish Pbucket
Grey/Green applied to the fuselage halves of the subject.
Tamiya Mk I Swordfish Pbucket
All masking tape removed.
Tamiya Mk I Swordfish Pbucket
Tamiya Mk I Swordfish Pbucket

Fitting of the crew section interior frame work.
Tamiya Mk I Swordfish Pbucket
Tamiya Mk I Swordfish Pbucket
Tamiya Mk I Swordfish Pbucket
Wing and fuselage rigging detail and close up of the photo etched engine detail.
Tamiya Mk I Swordfish Pbucket
View of the cockpit interior complete with photo etching crew harness's.
Tamiya Mk I Swordfish Pbucket
Tamiya Mk I Swordfish Pbucket

Two views of the assemble and painted subject, with test fitting of the weapons.
Prior to adding all the decals and stencils to complete the subject.

The RNFAA Temperate Sea Scheme, applied to this model subject, is Model Master Enamels from the RAF Range, the Sky under surfaces had been masked off, prior to the Slate Grey and Dark Sea Grey applied freehand to the upper surfaces.

When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today.

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Tamiya Mk I Swordfish
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