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 Porsche GT 3

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PostSubject: Porsche GT 3   Thu May 23 2013, 06:20

This Tamiya kit of the Porsche GT 3 is actually the Road version of the previously released GT 2 kit, with the GT 3 additional parts included, the body shell is molded in Yellow plastic, it was built some years ago for as a consignment build for my Brother who lives in Adelaide, as he once owned the 1 - 1 scale Porsche 930. The model has some additional extras added to enhance it a little and is kept in a show case made for Model Cars, which are either manufactured by Trumpeter or from MPC, the case used here is from Trumpeter and has a mirror base fitted inside, {which is available from any Glass Supplier.

Frontal view.

Right side 3/4 view.

Right side view.

3/4 Rear side view.

Rear view, also showing the Bare Metal Foil exhaust tip extensions.

Left 3/4 rear view.

Left 3/4 front view.

Left side view.

Close up of the rear brake and wheel

Close up view of the rear tail light, which has a Bare Metal Foil insert.

Close up of the front brake and wheel.

Close up of the front air inlets and the additional mesh material used.

Close up view of the engine half and the Bare Metal Foil added to the exhaust tip.

Close up view of the Driver's side showing the decals added into the dash panel.

Top view of completed model subject.

Frontal top view of completed model subject

Finished model sitting on the mirror base.

NOTE:- This model had the Bodyshell painted overall in #190 Gloss Silver Leaf.

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Porsche GT 3
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