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 Hawker Typhoon Ib

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PostSubject: Hawker Typhoon Ib   Fri May 24 2013, 16:31

This particular 48 scale Hasegawa Hawker Typhoon Ib was the second tooling of this fighter type, but this is no ordinary build as care is needed when fitting the cockpit / canopy side panels, all the interior detail of the cockpit framing is supplied, but I used a Shadoworks Resin Seat on this build. The Typhoon ID Bands are actually made from both Black and White decal film, the Dark Green/Sea Grey over Light Grey is from the Xtra Color range of enamels, the RAF 198 Sqn decals are from an old AeroMaster 'Storms in the Sky' Part 1 sheet, the Yellow outer wing ID band is painted on and other additional extras apart from the pilot seat are, the beacon behind the pilots armoured plate, foil added to the wing landing lights, whip antena {made from a piece of fishing line} added to upper rear fuselage, emergency antena to under surface of fuselage, entry styrip moved to it's true position.

Monogram did a 48 scale basic kit of the Hawker Typhoon complete RAF 198 Sqn markings for 'F' Freddie, but is hard to find, Revell however have re-issued the kit but have changed the decal markings.

The reference material used for this build.

The addition of Bare Metal Foil to make up the landing light lens.

Either side views of the camouflage scheme applied to this subject.

The under surface view complete with the ID Bands applied to the main wings
on all Hawker Typhoon aircraft.

Views of the subject with all decals included.

Either side views of the undercarriage complete with weighted wheels and gear door markings.

Views of the weathering applied and the faded effect caused by snowfall.

The resin seat added to create a realistic appearance to the cockpit.

NOTE:- The 60lb rockets or their launch rails have not been added to this subject.

When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today.

Those that never learn from history will always repeat it.

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Hawker Typhoon Ib
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