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 Meet Nancy - DAP XXI

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PostSubject: Meet Nancy - DAP XXI   Sat May 25 2013, 02:28

This is another of the 48 scale Beaufighter kits from Tamiya, but this time aprt from the resin additions, it was made into the DAP Mk XXI, the RAAF decals are from the Beaufighter sheet released by Aussie Decals, some hobby shops still carry the odd Aussie Decal sheet, but they have not been seen for a number of years, the subuct I elected to build was E-Eddy of 93 Attach Sqn RAAF, unofficially known as the Green Ghosts, the Foliage Green on this aircraft subject is Humbrol #149. Foliage Green has always been a debated colour by any modeller, depending on who answers the question depends on what shade of Green it should be, as most RAAF Beaufighter Sqn's flew out of bases in the tropical region of the Pacific, this shade of Green changed every day. Some will say it is close to RLM 70 Black Green, maybe it was, when the aircraft rolled out of the factory door to be washed, the choice for Foliage Green is actually Model Master US Green 42, so it depends on the modeller and how he wishes to present his finished subject.

Modification and additional detail added to the interior floor plate.
Cut the pilot section from the floor plate and re attach 3mm higher than what the kit supplies.
This will allow a proper fit between the entry hatch and centre wing section.

Two views of the painted subject complete with bomb racks and rocket rails.

Views of either side of subject complete with decals added.

Views of the resin seat and cockpit detail added to subject.
Also note the rear view mirror added to the upper windscreen frame.
The Autopilot housing is included in all Tamiya Beaufighter kits.

Rocket rails and universal bomb rack complete with 250 lb bomb.

Underside of rear fuselage section showing added detail of both the emergency antena
and flare tube.

Views of finished subject showing the resin wing flaps in the lowered position and elevators
also in the lowered position.

When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today.

Those that never learn from history will always repeat it.

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Meet Nancy - DAP XXI
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