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 Lola T 70 Mk III

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Lola T 70 Mk III Empty
PostSubject: Lola T 70 Mk III   Lola T 70 Mk III EmptySat May 25 2013, 16:27

Another of the large 12 scale re issued Tamiya Sports Car kits, originally released in the early '70's and again complete with the photo etched material, this manufacturer is famous for producing racing car chassis, from Formula V to Formula 3 and most notable are the Indy Cars, The base model makes up the '67 - '68 Championship car, but also included are the addition winglets and markings to make the JSCC running car, but little is know of the fact that FORD bought this company to develop their unsuccessfull and unreliable GT 40 Sports Car of the time, but with the Lola T70 John Surtess raced the car for 3 years very successfully, as a privateer entry in the Championships. Lola was sold off around 1986 by FORD and was re invented by it's original founding designer. In recent years these cars have re emerged in Japanese Sports Car Championships. Under the Lola factory the car was in a Midnight Blue and White trim, with John Surtees the car was Black with a White trim, In Japan the cars are all Midnight Blue with either a White trim, or a White trim with a Red outline, the Japanese car have different winglet trims and addition deflector plates.

Lola T 70 Mk III Pbucket

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Lola T 70 Mk III
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