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 TBF / TBM Avenger

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PostSubject: TBF / TBM Avenger   TBF  /  TBM Avenger EmptyTue May 28 2013, 22:44

The original tooling and production of the TBF 1c Avenger kit, in 48 scale from Accurate Miniatures, but Scale Magic under the banner of Shadoworks, released a resin enhancement set for the Accurate Miniatures TBF / TBM Grumman Avenger family, the resin set consisted of the main wing flaps and the grooved tyre, here the model subject is in the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm livery complete with the AEAF Bands applied for June 6th 1944, the camouflage scheme applied to this subject is all Model Master enamels, the AEAF Bands have been painted, using Flat Black and Flat White. This particular scheme was one of the subjects of choice on an old AeroMaster decal sheet.
This aircraft subject {From the original tooling} is presently released under both Academy and Italeri brands of model kits. Hobby Boss also manufacture a 48 scale TBF 1c Avenger, {which gives the modeller a choice of options}, with folding wings and options of the control surfaces.

TBF  /  TBM Avenger Pbucket
Subject painted but all components are sepparated.

TBF  /  TBM Avenger Pbucket
Sub assemblies test fitted.

TBF  /  TBM Avenger Pbucket
Lower surface of subject showing the resin wing flaps in the open position.

TBF  /  TBM Avenger Pbucket
Close up of the resin grooved tyre.

NOTE:- One of the partners of Scale Magic was also involved with Accurate Miniatures in producing a decal sheet option for their TBM - 3 Avenger kit release, also working with Roy Sutherland for release from 21st Century Toys, Roy Sutherland is now known as Barracuda Studios.

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TBF / TBM Avenger
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