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 A-10a Thunderbolt II

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PostSubject: A-10a Thunderbolt II   Fri May 31 2013, 01:32

This 48 scale A 10a is an Italeri kit, but this particular scheme is not part of the kit decal options, this is an AFRES experimental scheme commonly referred too as a PEANUT scheme, trialed during the Gulf Wars in Iraqi the aircraft is often referred to as a Warthog, in real life this purpose built tank buster has been given a multitude of roles in the Ground Attack and Tank Busting role, my subject is one of the Two Bobs Decals of experimental camouflage schemes, finished in the Model Master enamels. The second option on the After Market sheet from Two Bobs, is the FLIPPER scheme of three tone Grey, the progress on this build has been stalled for a couple of years and I may get back to completing it before the end of the year.
Both Tamiya and Revell both make a version of this particular aircraft subject, in the case of Tamiya's tooling theirs is the Prototype, which is in the Lizard scheme, where as the Revell kit is the same series often flown by the USAF from bases in Germany.

Two views of the Two Bobs decal sheet showing both the Experimental Peanut and Flipper schemes applied to this aircraft subject,
I may at sometime in the future build another in the Flipper scheme.

Port side view of subject, with ladder access door closed.

Starboard side view of subject, with electronic door removed.

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A-10a Thunderbolt II
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