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 Beaufighter Mk If

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PostSubject: Beaufighter Mk If   Fri May 31 2013, 03:34

This particular Beaufighter Mk If is a Prototype of a Heavy Fighter, fitted with 2 x 40mm cannon in the outboard bays, of the lower centre of the fuselage, one 40mm gun was manufactured by Rolls Royce and fitted on the Port side, while the other 40mm gun was manufactured by Vickers, both 40mm cannon were modified Bofors Anti Aircraft guns this set up was not placed into production on any single or twin engined fighters of the time, however the Vickers manufactured gun was eventually fitted to the Hawker Hurricane IId and used with success in the North African Campaign. My subject is based on the 48 scale Tamiya kit, where I have altered the kit tail planes, to the horizontal types and scratch build the outer barrel guard flaring from Evergreen Styrene rod, brass tube will be added to replicate the muzzle extensions. This heavy caliber armament trails aircraft was the fourth prototype {R2055}, the gun camera port has been drilled out, from the centre nose cone, the Temperate Land camouflage scheme applied to this subject is all from the Gunze Sangyo range of RAF Acrylic paints, the spinners added to the propellers are supplied in all Bristol Beaufighter kits manufactured by Tamiya. Decals are a mix and match from the spares box and from the now OOP AeroMaster Whispering Death Part I set, which is where the broad type of the fin flash came from, the aicraft serial number has not been added as yet, this aircraft does not carry any Squadron or Aircraft codes.

Frontal view of subject.

Rear view of subject.

Under surface view showing the heavy weapons installation.

This particular marque did not have the headgehog style exhaust, they are only test fitted on this subject.

When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today.

Those that never learn from history will always repeat it.

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Beaufighter Mk If
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