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 22 days on the Queen Victoria.

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PostSubject: 22 days on the Queen Victoria.   Tue Jun 04 2013, 06:54

I was invited on this 22 day Cruise by my Dad:

On Monday the 18th of March, I flew out of Melbourne at 9.45 am on Cathay Pacific heading to Hong Kong arriving around 3.00 in the afternoon, we had a driver waiting for us at the airport to transport us to The Salisbury Hotel, {known as the YMCA in Kowloon}, once we got our room and headed up to the 7th Floor Dad wanted a nap and I went outside for a look around {in Heritage Park and the Ferry Terminal}, going back to Dad an hour later, I asked if he knew where the Queen Victoria was berthed, he said somewhere out on the Container Terminal. I replied by saying it's around the corner and if you feel like going for a walk I'll show you, how close it is and off we went, to look at the ship as well as find a few good shops, for some tropical apparel and a place to have dinner, I took some photo's of the Queen Victoria berthed at Ocean Terminal before heading back to The Salisbury again with our bag of goodies and venture of to dinner, after dinner we looked in a few shops again, found a 7/11 that sold beer and went back to the Hotel.
Tuesday the 19th of March at 3.30pm, Dad and I boarded the ship, what a fiascoe that became, as Cunard could not work out who was Robert J. and who was Robert C. let alone list me as the first time passenger, then we discover we had an upgrade of cabin and that we had to attended a Life Boat drill at 6.00pm in the Dinning Room and that are dinner sitting was 6.30pm, during the Life Boat drill the ship departed Hong Kong and we where on our way to Dubai. Via Nha Trang and Phu My {both in the south of Vietnam}, Laem Chabang {Bangkok}, Singapore, Port Kelang {Kuala Lumpur}, Colombo {Sri Lanka}, Mumbai {India}, Muscat {Oman}, finally Dubai. This photo essay will cover the entire holiday, Ocean Terminal is hidden by the building on the right side {which is the Marco Polo Hotel} and was 2 blocks walk from the Salisbury Hotel, as we had a driver {in a Mercedes Benz S530} pick us up from the Hotel and take us to the Terminal Building, he disappeared down Canton Road, {which was in the opposite direction from the Harbor}, once out of the car and joining the Cunard Que, I mentioned to Dad that we could have walked, instead of paying for 15 minutes in Luxury.


View out the Hotel Window.

A Dennis Fire Engine outside the old Kowloon Fire Station at Heritage Park.

The Main Entrance to Heritage Park Kowloon.

The Hurricane / Typhoon Warning system Museum in Heritage Park Kowloon.

The Time Ball system Museum in Heritage Park Kowloon.

The old Marine Police Station, Stables Building and Harbor Master's Office, in Heritage Park.
The guns were a defence against something on Kowloon.

The signs point the way ?.

Kowloon Ferry Terminal and the Ferry, with Hong Kong Island in the background.

Queen Victoria berthed at Ocean Terminal.

My Dad on the steps of the Ocean Terminal Building with the Queen Victoria in the background, Hong Kong Island is in the background.

The view out the Cabin Window, over looking Hong Kong Island.

Looking over the Stern of the ship toward the point on Kowloon.
And the Aquirious Passenger ship on the opposite side of the Ocean terminal Building.

Sunset in Kowloon Bay.

Exploring the ship.

Attending the Life Boat drill.

When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today.

Those that never learn from history will always repeat it.

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22 days on the Queen Victoria.
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