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 Dewoitine D 520

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PostSubject: Dewoitine D 520   Tue Jun 11 2013, 23:27

This 48 scale subject is another of the Tamiya range and was also used as a visual aide for airbrushing lessons, as both aircraft were built when the kit was first released, both are painted in the OOP AeroMaster Warbird range of enamels and both had been airbrushed free hand {on the upper surfaces on both aircraft}, using a Passche VL with a number1 needle, the Meezle Scheme is all free hand using the lowest possible needle setting and 10 PSI pressure on the compressor.

The Meezle Scheme which is an option of the kit.

Both scheme as per the kit options for this aircraft.

The standard camouflage scheme applied as per the kit box art.

NOTE: The panel lines are highlighted using a 0.1mm Technical felt tip pen, silvering of the metal is from,
a Silver roller ball pen, exhaust and cordite stains are all pastels.
A third paint scheme was similar to the 4 tone camouflage but had the Red/Yellow SLAVE Bands added.

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Dewoitine D 520
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