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 The SOLE Aussie Hurricane

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PostSubject: The SOLE Aussie Hurricane   Wed Jun 12 2013, 00:41

This is the Hasegawa 48 scale Hawker Hurrine 1 that was the sole charge of the marque in service with the RAAF during early 1942 to late 1946. The subject has a resin tail plane fitted to the standard kit, the BM Finish is simply Humbrol #191 Gloss Silver on the metal surfaces and Humbrol Aluminium on the canvas area of the fuselage and tail planes, the fadded roundels are from the OOP Tasman range of B Type faded RAAF roundels, this model subject is presently still on display in the Portland World War II Museum and I was requested by Aussie Decals to assist in the production of a decal sheet for this aircraft type during it's service life with 8 comms flight, in both 48 and 72 scales.

Sometime in the future I may build another of this subject in, either in the camouflaged or Bare Metal scheme, but I would have to use the Tamileri Kits to build any future Hurricane subjects at present.

NOTE:- This aircraft had A66 designated as it's A series number sequence, but it always carried it's RAF serial number {V 7476}, throughout it's service life.

A little history behind the sole Hurricane which served in the RAAF, is simple it was flown out of Singapore days prior to the Surrender.

When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today.

Those that never learn from history will always repeat it.

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The SOLE Aussie Hurricane
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