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 Dual Action types

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PostSubject: Dual Action types   Dual Action types EmptyFri Jun 21 2013, 05:12

The Paasche VL dual action airbrush, that was what I used during for my airbrushing lessons, during my time at Victorian Hobby Centre.

Dual Action:

These unit offer a better control and a finer spray pattern, however they are more difficult to master and are complex to dismantle and clean, they also range in design and performance and are either suction or gravity feed systems, using either a small reservoir cup or bottle and will really show it's stuff when applying a tri-colour, mottle, smoke ring, blotch, or the squigle camouflage as seen on some Axis Aircraft, with careful application weathering and other effects can be applied. Badger, Astec and either the Passche VL or VH airbrush, are all suction feed units, both the Passche VL and VH sets have a selection of needles, either as #1, #3 and #5, which also require a change to the needle seat and cone, these Paasche units have a needle control lock, forward of the trigger stop, that will control paint flow. Astec make a dual action airbrush that has a series of inter changed tips, for various applications, even though this airbrush was guaranteed for life, it was not a very good seller in it's day, {simply because the entire unit was plastic, all inter changed heads were also plastic and the unit was designed primarily for use with Acrylic paints only, [as any contact with enamel or lacquer thinners destroyed the plastic interchanged tips of the unit]}.

Olympus, [more commonly known as Iwata], Lenco, Lion and Delta manufacture copies, [with a variation of design changes], just too name a few, are all dual action gravity feed units and have one needle only, most are supplied with a #3 needle, some have different cone designs, either as concave, convex, or split X style, the split X is capable of painting a hairline on any model subject, most of these units have a needle control lock at the end of the body, which will control the paint flow, depending on the brand depends on the style of type of design changes, all of these units are more complex than the units described above and are a little harder to maintain and clean, but no matter what airbrush type you decide to use, all I can say is choose the best you feel comfortable in using to paint your models.

Dual Action types Pbucket
The Passche VL unit.

Dual Action types Pbucket
The Lenco 301 unit I have been using for the past 15 years.

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Dual Action types
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