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 Russian BR 64b

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Russian BR 64b Empty
PostSubject: Russian BR 64b   Russian BR 64b EmptyMon Jun 03 2013, 03:46

This 35 scale BR 64b Soviet Armoured Car is from MiniArt {Vision Models}, a manufacturer from the Ukraine. The model subject was given to the club, by Glen which was in a Grey Primmer undercoat overall. The intention was that I finish it as per the Box Art, being overall Green and only having a limited decal option, I painted the model overall in Humbrol #117, the wheel rims had already been painted and needed the tyres added, the overall model is not very big in comparison to some other Armoured Cars, but it is a unique subject and will be used in future club displays, with the other subjects the club has been given as assembled model subjects.

Russian BR 64b Pbucket

Russian BR 64b Pbucket

Russian BR 64b Pbucket
Russian BR 64b Pbucket

Decals added to subject:

A few external items need to be touched up and the machine gun is yet to be added.

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Russian BR 64b
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